Jeremy Knox, Film Threat

A woman who has lost her husband and child is visited one night by a presence that explains to her how to bring them back, at a cost. Director Chris Peters is an artist, first and foremost, and he does these amazing paintings. So his short has a very spooky look and a strange atmosphere to it, as if a Theremin is always playing just out of earshot. The acting’s a bit wonky, as is Peter’s isn’t quite sure how to work his actors, but that’s fine. By no means is it a deal breaker. It’s got a lot of soul to it, which is what I look for in a film. It “perks” out from the screen, like a living and breathing thing. That’s what you want.

So if you get a chance, by all means check this out, and while I’ve got your attention you can also check out his webpage. It’s quite worth a visit.